Web Application Infrastructure Review


Enhancing the Security Posture of Your Digital Assets
In the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity, safeguarding your web applications is paramount. Socialbubbles offers a comprehensive Web Application Infrastructure Review service, designed to fortify the security of your digital assets and ensure a robust defense against evolving threats.


1. Documentation Analysis:

Our experts commence by thoroughly examining the documentation related to your web application's security architecture. This includes reviewing design documents, system diagrams, and any existing security policies to gain insights into the intended security controls.

2. Interviews and Stakeholder Discussions:

Engaging with key stakeholders, including developers, system architects, and IT administrators, allows us to gather firsthand insights into the decision-making processes behind the security architecture. We discuss design choices, risk mitigation strategies, and any recent changes to the infrastructure.

3. Configuration and Control Assessment:

Socialbubbles conducts a detailed assessment of the actual security configurations in place. This involves scrutinizing access controls, encryption mechanisms, and authentication protocols. We verify that the implemented security controls align with the intended architecture and industry best practices.

4.Threat Modelling:

Employing threat modelling techniques, we identify potential threats and vulnerabilities that might impact the security architecture. By anticipating potential attack vectors, we enhance our ability to recommend targeted security measures.

5.Scalability and Performance Assessment:

Evaluating the scalability and performance aspects of the security architecture is crucial. Socialbubbles ensures that the security controls are scalable to accommodate future growth and that they do not compromise the performance of the web applications.

6. Compliance Checks:

Verify adherence to industry-specific compliance standards and regulatory requirements. This step ensures that your security architecture aligns with the necessary legal and regulatory frameworks applicable to your organization and industry.


Following the Security Architecture Review, Socialbubbles Cyber provides you with:

  • A comprehensive report detailing the findings of the assessment, including strengths and potential weaknesses in the security architecture.
  • Recommendations for enhancing the security architecture, addressing identified vulnerabilities, and ensuring alignment with industry best practices.
  • Insights into potential improvements for scalability, performance, and compliance.
  • Empowering businesses to better shield their systems and data from attacks
  • Very comprehensive and effective evaluation of security of systems.
  • More detailed view of the threats facing the systems.
  • Comprehensive reporting with solid recommendations.
  • Concrete action plan based on the report to ensure security of existing and new technologies.
  • Management gets clear visual of security improvements.
  • Reduce cost of security breaches.
  • Proactive and risk-based approach towards future threats.