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  • The implementation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is poised to reshape the business mind-set related to data privacy and data protection
  • GDPR not only applies to all the organizations that exist or work in the Europe (EU), but it also applies to other organizations that collect, monitor, or otherwise process personal data of citizens belonging to the EU. In essence, the law applies to every organization that handles the personal data of an EU citizen irrespective of its location.
  • Personal data refers to the varied kind of information which can result (when considered together) in the identification of a specific person. For instance, a name and surname, photo, residential address data, location number, email ID, bank details, etc. can enable the identification of the person to whom the data belongs.
  • Organizations that breach this regulation might have to pay 4 percent of their annual turnover or an amount of €20 million, whichever is greater. There could be a fine of 2 percent of the turnover or an amount of €10 million, if an organization does not have its record in order or does not inform the data subjects and concerned authorities about the breach or not performing an impact assessment.
  • Breaching data security obligations can cause lower-level penalties while flouting personal level privacy can cause higher-level fines. These rules apply to both processors and controllers. Further, Clouds are also covered by GDPR laws.
  • Our IT team has the right skill set, expertise, and experience to support the client’s business for making a smooth transition to GDPR. We deliver comprehensive solutions that not only make organizations compliant but also ensure that they can effectively protect the customers’ personal data in the future too.
  • Not only this, we also assist them in managing compliance across a complex, multi-cloud infrastructure which is a part of this transition.
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  • Risk Management
  • Data Protection
  • Responsive Planning
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  • Secured Data Processing