Manufacturing Software Reimagined

What Manufacturing Solutions Can You Build With Socialbubbles?

Everything, to put it briefly.
A vast array of manufacturing software and services can be developed specifically for iOS, Android, or PWAs. You consider it. We assist you in creating it.


Inventory management software

Simplify financial flow management, track inventory precisely, and keep an eye on how much room is still available in warehouses and on shelves in real time.

Supply management

Make your supply chain as efficient as possible. From the procurement of raw materials to the distribution of the finished product, you will be able to improve your procedures and monitor every phase of the process.


Product lifecycle management

Oversee your products' complete lifecycle, from conception to engineering and design, production to servicing and disposal. Hence, you have complete control.

Energy management systems

Monitor your energy usage in real time to find areas for savings and to maximize your productivity.


Document management systems (DMS)

Centralize all of your papers to ensure compliance with legal requirements and document traceability, as well as easy storage, retrieval, and collaboration.

Why Choose Us?

Quickly Develop Custom Software

With socialbubbles, we've made custom software as simple as placing a pizza order. As a starting point, pick an app that is comparable to your idea. Then, to make your retail app come to life, add or remove toppings, or certain features.

Significantly reduce cloud costs

We enter into long-term agreements with the major cloud providers for our Colud services, and you benefit from significant cost reductions. With your user-friendly dashboard, you can manage your consumption, set spending restrictions, and feel in control while your data is safely stored.

Software that adapts to you and is always current

With socialbubbles, our aftercare and support package, we are able to keep an eye on your program and make upgrades, bug fixes, and real-time performance improvements before any potential issues even surface.

No prior tech experience is required.

All the technical and coding details are handled by our team of app specialists and our AI, Natasha, so you can concentrate on designing the ideal retail experience—exactly how you want it!

A price guarantee up front

We bill by feature, and all fees are outlined on a pre-agreed card prior to the commencement of your build. Furthermore, you can receive precise timelines from our socialbubbles, which reduces the possibility of things getting out of hand later on.