Customized Telecom Software

What Telecom Solutions Can You Build With Socialbubbles?

Everything, to put it briefly.
You can create a vast array of bespoke software and services for iOS, Android, or PWAs in the telecommunications domain.


Customer relationship management

Maintain client profiles for new orders, recurring subscriptions, communication portals, tracking complaints, and more.

Order management

Maintain control over the entire order fulfillment and processing process. Track orders, view your live product catalogue, and integrate with customers' chosen billing systems—all while keeping an eye on your business.


Self-service portals and mobile apps

Give your clients the ability to use their phones to manage their accounts, check and pay their bills, order services, maintain subscriptions, and access self-service alternatives for information and support.

Telecom expense management (TEM)

Ensure that all of your costs are under control, including contract administration, cost allocation, usage tracking, and invoice processing. Even methods for optimizing current budgets can be found.


Fraud management

Software solutions that use real-time monitoring, sophisticated analytics, and pattern recognition to identify and stop telecom fraud can help you maintain your peace of mind.

Wholesale billing and settlement

Simplify the billing procedure for you and manage the settlement and billing procedures with ease.


Why Choose Us?


Quickly Develop Custom Software

With socialbubbles, we've made custom software as simple as placing a pizza order. As a starting point, pick an app that is comparable to your idea. Then, to make your retail app come to life, add or remove toppings, or certain features.

Significantly reduce cloud costs

We enter into long-term agreements with the major cloud providers for our Colud services, and you benefit from significant cost reductions. With your user-friendly dashboard, you can manage your consumption, set spending restrictions, and feel in control while your data is safely stored.

Software that adapts to you and is always current

With socialbubbles, our aftercare and support package, we are able to keep an eye on your program and make upgrades, bug fixes, and real-time performance improvements before any potential issues even surface.

No prior tech experience is required.

All the technical and coding details are handled by our team of app specialists and our AI, Natasha, so you can concentrate on designing the ideal retail experience—exactly how you want it!

A price guarantee up front

We bill by feature, and all fees are outlined on a pre-agreed card prior to the commencement of your build. Furthermore, you can receive precise timelines from our socialbubbles, which reduces the possibility of things getting out of hand later on.