Data Leak Analysis


Every enterprise possesses sensitive data and securing the same is of paramount importance. Data Leak is an unauthorized transfer of classified information from a computer or datacenter to the outside world. Data leakage can be accomplished by either mentally remembering what was seen, by physical removal of tapes, disks and reports or by rather subtle means such as data hiding (see steganography). Sensitive data of companies and organizations include Intellectual Property (IP), financial information, patient information, personal credit-card data, and other valuable data depending on the business and the industry. Data leakage imposes a serious concern today for most organizations, considering the sheer number of such incidents in the recent past and cost borne by victims which continues to increase.

Challenges faced

  • It is sometimes not easy to configure and control employees access to corporate data repositories.
  • The ability to process large content that can be deployed in distributed environments where the operating nodes are owned by third-party service providers.
  • Privacy is a major concern when outsourcing data leak detection to third-party vendors.
  • The outsourced data to third-party vendors may be transformed or modified by different users or applications.
  • Compromising highly sensitive data of organization, Loss of Intellectual Property, Brand value and reputational damage.

Socialbubbles Forensic excels in delivering meticulous and tailored security assessments aimed at identifying vulnerabilities and fortifying your organization's defense against potential data leakage. Leveraging industry-leading methodologies and cutting-edge tools, our expert team conducts a comprehensive examination of your network, systems, and applications. We go beyond traditional methods by engaging in penetration testing, simulating real-world cyber-attacks to provide a realistic evaluation of your security posture. From scrutinizing access controls and encryption mechanisms to assessing intrusion detection systems, our approach ensures a resilient defense. Our detailed reports not only outline identified vulnerabilities and their potential impact but also prioritize remediation efforts. Trust Socialbubbles to empower your organization with strategic recommendations that enhance overall security posture, effectively preventing data leakage and safeguarding sensitive information.